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Early Look at Fedora EDU Kickstart

We’re really making progress… really! It’s time for an Fedora EDU kickstart file:

In a few words: This is only the kickstart file - we’re currently preparing the release of a first downloadable image of the spin. I’ll notify you as soon as we’re able to release it! The kickstart file is located here:

And here are some technical details: This is an unofficial respin of Fedora 9! It uses the F9 repositories, but since we’re planning to release the final spin, once KDE 4.1 is out, this is only a preview and therefore uses the unofficial repos at

So you know that you’ll have a pre-release version of KDE 4.1 - but what else do you get? We needed to kick out quite a lot of KDE apps, since there was only limited size on the CD, but I hope that it’s still usable. If you’ve any suggestions concerning the choice of applications, please drop a comment. On the other hand, we focussed on mathematical software - so it might even be called an educational spin for mathmatical purposes. It’s just impossible to put all educational apps on a CD - and putting all of them on a DVD would have caused a highly bloated spin.

So once again: We’re going to release a image soon, so that you don’t need to build the spin on your own, unless you want to. But it’s still going to be a pre-release version, since KDE 4.1 is not yet final. By the way: Thanks Rex for the ideas, the tips and finally for the work on the KDE preview spin here, which helped a lot to reduce the amount of useless packages!

I’ll keep you posted.

Update 2008-07-05: Thanks to Kevin’s comment, I was able to upload an updated version of the kickstart file… the link stays the same.