Sebastian Dziallas

wrangler of learning tools

Fedora EDU: Making Progress. A New Meeting.

Progress is underway. Yay!

We’re heavily working on creating something on behalf of the EDU SIG for F11. So what’s waiting for you? Well, we’ve done some preliminary work and also thrown a wiki page together here. So far, there’re discussion going on, whether to use KDE or XFCE and which apps to include. I’ve also been working on various kickstart files and already compared the different options. But we want to concentrate a bit, which means… having a meeting! Why don’t you join us on…

Wednesday, January 14 at 1600 UTC on #fedora-edu

Wait… that’s tomorrow, right? Yep, so see you then! For the record: We also have an agenda, and would be happy to get opinions from others. This is the point where you can influence the development of an educational spin to make it fit your needs - and the one of thousands of teachers, students and pupils around the world!