Sebastian Dziallas

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May I Suggest: A Day in Nashville

Following the tradition of previous columns in a similar vein, this post explores Nashville over the course of a day.

Go eat. Nashville may be Music City, but it also comes with some excellent bistros. Assuming that it’s Sunday, kick off your day at Marché Artisan Foods, a small french café on the east side of town. Treat yourself to some peaches & ricotta on toasted bread with honey and give the homemade granola a try as well. A café au lait will put you in the right mood, as will an actual Orangina (with pulp!).

Opt for a walk if you’re so inclined and check out one of Nashville’s many water fountains downtown. If you’re still looking for dessert, make your way west and you’ll find Las Paletas, a gourmet popsicle place in an interesting neighborhood. Flavor recommendations are moot, since any of them will do just fine.

Soy Teriyaki Bistro is located just outside the city in Brentwood, easily accessible from the highway, and will outdo just about any fast-food chain. Pick one of the teriyaki combinations and enjoy the rest evening.