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May I Suggest: A Day in Vancouver

For those of you who are slightly confused by the title of this post, it’s a reference to Allison McCarthy’s wonderful blog with the same title. Similarly worth reading – although written in a different style – is the NYTimes’ 36 hours in… column.

Go explore. Vancouver has a nice public transportation system, so it’s not too hard to actually get downtown. Get off at City Center and look around. Walk W Georgia St up until you hit Burrard St. Could that be the waterfront peaking through on your right? Well, I suggest getting dinner first. There are some fairly pricy options around, but if you like Italian cuisine you might as well head down Burrard until you reach Smithe. On your right, you’ll find the Pizzeria Pacifico. If you get a table downstairs, you’ll get the chance of watching people cross by outside. Oh, and try the handmade Cannelloni. Truly amazing and not terribly expensive.

The waterfront is calling. Head down Burrard all the way until you reach the sometimes surprisingly dark blue water. On the other side of the habor, you might be able to see North Vancouver, surrounded by a lot of green. And maybe, you’ll even see hydroplanes going by. If you head back leaving Canada Place on your left side and turn to the right, you’ll find a sign saying Old World Handcrafted Gelato for a shop just outside the Fairmont. That’s the Bella Gelateria. Have some in-store handmade gelato. Tahitian Vanilla and Straciatella are great, but I’m sure so are the others.

Just make sure you finish your ice cream before you head back on the train. :)