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Off to LA Tomorrow: SCALE 10x Conference

I’ll be heading to SCALE early tomorrow morning. I had previously been accepted as a speaker last year but couldn’t make it due to travel constraints. So I’m even more looking forward to attending the conference. In fact, I’ll be talking Saturday afternoon about the experiences we’ve been having with our POSSE workshop that introduces faculty to open source projects (Saturday, 4:30pm, Bel Air room, details here).

Similarly, I will be giving a short but intense introduction to the workshop itself on Sunday. If you’ve been trying to get involved in an open source project of your choice but haven’t found the right path yet, we’ll be there to help. In particular, we’ll try to bridge cultural norms that can differ from project to project. If you’re interested, swing by (Sunday, 11:30am, Bel Air room, details here).

I’m also very much looking forward to SCALE on a personal level. A lot of my friends and former colleagues are apparently going, so it’s going to be good to catch up. That being said, the schedule also looks fabulous and I’ll try to make it to some sessions (watch out for #scale10x on Twitter). See you there!