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POSSE Visits. Part 1: North Carolina

This is the first part of a series of posts recounting experiences from visiting faculty throughout the semester. Right now, I’m sitting in Peet’s coffee shop in the library of UNC Charlotte. I took a 5am flight this morning from Boston down here and made it almost perfectly in time for Richard Ilson’s software engineering class, where I proceeded to talk about my experiences as a release engineer in open source communities. Put differently, I gave a talk that resembled the one that I previously gave at LinuxCon 2010 (slides) and spend the rest of the class doing Q & A. Some of the students had even heard of OLPC and Sugar on a Stick! I tried to articulate steps to get involved in open source communities and will give a similar presentation in about an hour for the second section of Richard’s class. Afterwards, we’ll spend some time chatting about possibilities and ways to immerse his (somewhat large class; overall his two sections have about 80 students) in open source projects. That’s it for now, more tomorrow.