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POSSE Visits. Part 2: North Carolina. Again.

In a similar vein as my previous post, this one relates to the second half of my trip to North Carolina, where I visited POSSE cohort members Richard Ilson and Rajeev Agrawal. So I’m writing this from the Red Hat office in Raleigh, where I’ll be working from for the rest of the day after a notoriously early wake-up to return my rental car.

Anyway. Yesterday, I spent the morning chatting with Greg and then drove off in the afternoon to Greensboro to visit Rajeev’s class at NCAT and teach a little workshop. To my surprise, they had already looked at open source communities and done a little dive-in as part of their homework assignments which was actually based on some of the Teaching Open Source materials! I decided to challenge them to think about projects they actually cared about getting involved in more and gave some examples why that could be useful, even outside the classroom.

Later that day, Rajeev and I talked about infrastructure. He’s having his students blog regularly, and so he’s interested in using a planet for his class. I can vaguely remember that there are different versions of planets in Fedora, but the one I recall is planetplanet. Is that a good enough choice to run with? Does anybody have straight-forward installation & setup instructions that we could pass on to his IT department?