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POSSE Visits. Part 3: New Hampshire.

Yesterday, I went to visit Michael Jonas and Mihaela Sabin, both POSSE alumni, at UNH in Manchester. They are working on getting a seminar series with speakers from a variety of backgrounds going and so I was the first one talking on getting involved in open source communities (see publications).

I find it fascinating to see the differences, both in the student body and the culture at the different schools I’ve been visiting. UNH was clearly on the smaller side of schools, but it had a very interesting feel to it.

Joanie Diggs was also at the event – Michael had introduced us when I previously went out for a lunch conversation. After my talk, both of us were given the tour of the school and ended up talking more about different ways of immersing students in open source projects as part of their classroom experience in Michael’s office. Watch the TOS list for more!