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Six Days to Go: POSSE Is Coming to Raleigh!

Mel and I are heading to Raleigh on Wednesday to take of the remaining logistics for the newest iteration of the POSSE workshop. But wait, ‘what is this POSSE thing you keep on telling me about’, you ask? Well, according to our promotion page, it is short for “Professors’ Open Source Summer Experience, […] a faculty workshop that immerses professors in the culture, tools and practices of open source communities. It’s designed to teach you what you need to know to help your students get started as contributors to those communities — and as part of that, you’ll spend a portion of each day making your own contribution to an open source project.”

In fact, we’ll have sixteen awesome faculty members joining us for the workshop. Compared to what we did two years ago at the inaugural POSSE, a lot of things have changed. We’ve radically changed the curriculum from a week-long program to a one-and-a-half day weekend workshop. Why were we able to do that?

One of the requests we faced most often was the call for continued support throughout the school year. In response to that, this workshop will cover essential parts of joining an open source community such that our posse (pardon that horrible pun – let us call it cohort from now on) can communicate and interact utilizing the tools and means open source communities employ on a daily basis. From there on, attendees will be supported throughout the schoolyear on their ventures in the various communities. So watch out, you might come across one of them!

So how can you follow along what’s happening?

  • join us in #teachingopensource on
  • follow the #posse hashtag on twitter
  • join the TOS community’s mailing list if you’re interested in more of these conversations